Hello Adam and Astroneer team

Come with me, and you'll be in
a world of pure imagination


One of the most memorable moments in my life is sitting beneath the multicolour milky way in the outskirt of Australia, as a part of my Cosmology studies. It was then my professor mentioned the OWL telescope. Whilst the acronym sounds very whimsical, he then broke the illusion and told us "OWL" stands for "Over-Whelmingly Large". That was the moment I truely appreciate scientists' sense of humour :P 

Art Test


Using Astroneer's Tier 2 module's circle base structure and borrowed some visual language from the OWL telescope's lattice structure, this communication base unit allows player to request items from other base and transfer them by printing in the connect-downstream printer.

Other 3d art


moar art over here


Creative Tools Design

I am a law school dropout, then turned creative tools designer. The foundation of my work is based on the principle of "minimising ruleset, maximising possibility space".

A lot of my current work in Oculus Rift and past work in Adobe shares a love for diegetic interfaces. I communicate my ideas through playful visual language and motion concept work. 

I can wear more than the 3D hat - 2D assets, trailers/gifs, websites, marketing material and more!



Thanks for your time!